UK Pension Transfer for British Expats

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A UK Pension transfer is a great option if you’re a British citizen living abroad with pensions in the UK, did you know there are a number of tax implications that could adversely affect your pension. You could be liable for UK Income Tax on your pension fund of up to 55% and a large Inheritance Tax bill too. We offer FREE advice to enable your UK pension transfer, to an International SIPP or a qualifying QROPS.

Do you know:

If you need to declare your pensions and annual gains to the IRS?

Whether you’ll need to pay tax in both the UK and where you reside?

What the Inheritance Tax implications are if you live overseas?

Transfer UK Pension

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Our pension specialists are based in the USA – we offer financial advice and retirement planning, and we’re experts in UK pension transfers and the options available for British expats living in the USA and Canada.

Whatever your future goals, both long and short-term, we’ll look at your circumstances and guide you through the maze of UK pensions for US and Canadian residents.

Do you have a Final Salary Scheme?

If you do, then some elements of your pension may be guaranteed. If this is the case, then it’s really important to understand the pros and cons of transferring it because it’s likely you’ll lose some or all of these guaranteed benefits. We can advise on final salary pension transfers.

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Everyone’s situation is different, but putting retirement plans in place is important.

Our pension specialists are based in the USA – and we’re experts in UK pensions and the options available for British expats living overseas.

Based on your circumstances and your future goals, we can give practical, intelligent advice by phone and email, helping you make important choices and decide on the best pension arrangements for your future and your family’s financial security.

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