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We’re a team of specialist pension and investment advisors based in the USA. We’re UK and US-qualified and fully regulated by the SEC and we understand that everyone’s situation is different.

Do you have a number of personal pensions in the UK?

Maybe you have assets in both countries?

Are you a member of a Final Salary Scheme?

Whatever your circumstances and whatever your goals are for the future – whether you’d like to benefit from your whole pension before you die, or plan for your family after your death – our practical understanding and experience of financial and retirement planning in the US can help you make the best decisions.

Intelligent pension management

We’re experts in UK pensions and the options available to British expats living in the USA.

We offer a free initial fact-finding call and based on your personal circumstances, we’ll send you by email a full written report with our recommendations. We work with a US-based Certified Public Accountant who specialises in tax advice for US residents with overseas assets, so that all aspects of your pension will be taken into consideration.

All advice given is in the context of your personal circumstances. This will include the impact your UK pension may have on your retirement income, alongside any local pension and savings assets you may have or are accumulating.

Wherever you live in the USA or Canada, we can give advice by phone, email or Skype.

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