UK Pension Transfer to USA - International SIPP

A International SIPP is a UK government recognised personal pension scheme, which offers investment freedom, control, and provides currency flexibility.
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Who can hold an International SIPP?

An international SIPP is available even if you are a non-UK resident. Many expats may not be aware that living in the UK is not a requirement to benefit from using an international SIPP. However, tax relief will not be provided at source when you are non-UK resident.

Many British Expats are enjoying the benefits of International SIPPs, which were developed to cater for those living overseas, where other pension schemes are deemed unsuitable.

The benefits of a UK Pension Transfer to a International SIPP in the USA

There are several major advantages to transferring your pension to a International SIPP if you live in the USA, including:

  • Consolidation – Transfer all your pensions to one platform for cost effective investment management and pension administration.
  • Not subject to UK inheritance tax (IHT) – 100% of your funds will be passed to your beneficiaries if you die before age 75 (subject to LTA) and a marginal rate of UK income tax will apply to your beneficiary if death occurs after age 75.
  • Flexible Investments – Dictate how your pension funds are invested. Tax-efficient options are available to enable optimal investment growth.
  • Capitalise on current high transfer values – Final Salary and Defined Benefit pensions are currently paying out record multiples and so transfer values are at historic highs. This will enable you to generate a much larger pension in the future.
  • Currency flexibility – Instead of being restricted to GBP in the UK, an international SIPP allows you to hold and invest your funds in any currency ideally the local currency in your country of residence.

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